“Youth against corruption”

On November 27 at 14:00 on the eve of December 9, the International Day against Corruption held an open educational event dedicated to this problem: “YOUTH AGAINST CORRUPTION”. It was organized jointly on the initiative of 2 departments: Artistic work and design and Physical culture and sports.

Responsible curators Yu. N. Kuznetsova and V.I. Zeibel with students of groups Design- 203 and PhCS -104 prepared a curatorial hour in an unconventional form. There were heated discussions, statements by students answering questions and expressing their own views on problematic situations about corruption. Also the curatorial hour assumed a competitive moment – division into teams, playing scenes from life.

At the end of the event, present guests M.S. Kurganbekov, S.M.Mukhtarov, B.M. Momenov, S.K. Kenzhegaliyeva, S.M. Kalmen and students summed up the results of the event.

The purpose of the curatorial hour is to draw attention to the problem of corruption, to promote a competent response to offences, to help in the provision of methods of combating corruption.

Yu. N. Kuznetsova and V.I. Zeibel: We believe that such joint curatorial hours should be held more often, they have a wide coverage of students and are an occasion to educate the general public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to solve global problems, provide a powerful tool to raise awareness about certain issues.