Department of Physical education

Department of Physical education

Head of the Department of “Physical culture” Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor , teacher of physical culture Mukhtarov Seitkery Malikovich.

In 1966, by the decision of the Academic Council of the Aktobe Pedagogical Institute, the department of “Physical Education” was created and the first set of applicants was made. The founder and the first head was – senior lecturer of the Institute Peregudov Veniamin Nikanorovich in 1966-1974 .

In the future , the Department of Physical Education was headed by:

  • Senior lecturer Uspensky Yuri Alexandrovich,;
  • Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Kuanyshev Tulegen Shangytbaevich,;
  • Senior lecturer Nukushev Zhuldyz Kuzhayevich.;
  • Senior lecturer Svyatkin Viktor Viktorovich.;
  • Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Shokanov Ruslan Aitkalievich.;
  • Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Mukhtarov Seitkery Malikovich;.

A great contribution to the development of the department and the education of students at different times was made by teachers: Svyatkin V.V., Romanyuk B.G., Bayturin M.A., Nukushev Zh.K., Kulmagambetov A.K., Musa A.T., Kenshilikova M.A., Kubieva S.S., Mikhalchenkova N.G., Ishmukhamedov A.Z., Kanner S.Z., Isengaliev U.A.

The material and technical base operates 2 sports complexes, 3 gyms, where classes are held in all specialties of the university. There is a sports club of the university, which is headed by the Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kulmagambetov A.K.

Sports achievements of teachers of the department

Baiturin Moldabai Abdykhalykuly

Silver medalist of the Asian Javelin Championship among veterans (2006, Bangalore, India).

Asian Champion (January 2009, Chiang Mai, Thailand).

Silver medalist of the World Veteran Games (October 2009, Sydney, Australia,)

Asian Champion (October 2012, Taipei, Taiwan).

XX World Athletics Championships among veterans. IV place in javelin throwing from October 16 to October 28, 2013, Porto Alegre, Brazil among 83 countries of the world – three thousand five hundred participants, Kazakhstan was represented by seven veterans.

2nd place in the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the summer Presidential all-around in the age group of 60 years and older Aktobe 2012.

3rd place in the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the summer Presidential all-around in the age group of 60 years and older Taraz 2013

In 2007, he was awarded the title of “Honorary Sports Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Awarded the title “For merits in the development of physical culture and sports”

Master of Sports of international class in athletics

Tuleuov Shyngys Embergenovich

1st place in the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the summer Presidential all-around in the age group of 40-49 years in Aktobe 2012.

1st place in the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the summer Presidential all-around indoor in the age group 40-49 years, Lisakovsk, 2013.

2nd place in the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the summer Presidential all-around in the age group of 40-49 years Taraz 2013

3rd place in athletics in the Spartakiad among veterans of 2016

2nd place in cross-country skiing for the prizes of the newspaper “Aktobe Bulletin” Aktobe 2017.

3rd place city Spartakiad in the winter Presidential all-around in Aktobe 2017.

2nd place Regional Spartakiad in the winter Presidential all-around in Aktobe 2017.

Sports achievements in the 2021-2022 academic year:

  1. The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbasy at the VI Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in presidential sports:

rifle shooting I-place,

Running for 1000 meters I I-place,

pulling up on the crossbar I I-place,

throwing grenades I i I-place.

November 2021 Almaty.

  1. At the Kazakhstan Athletics Championship among veterans in a closed complex:

Running 60 meters I-place,

Running 200 meters I I i-place,

Relay race 4×200 I-place.

March 17-18, 2022. Karaganda.

The directions of scientific and methodological work of the department are:

  1. Development of measures to improve the effectiveness of scientific and methodological activities of the teaching staff;
  2. Improving the quality of the educational process through the development and introduction of new forms and methods of teaching;
  3. Organization of scientific and methodological conferences of the teaching staff;
  4. Organization of scientific and methodological seminars on various sports and health improvement;
  5. Control and coordination of the activities of the methodological commission of the department;
  6. Generalization and dissemination of best practices of teachers of the department and teachers of physical education departments of other universities.

The following teachers received advanced training at the Institute of Advanced Training “Orleu”: Zhanbau D.K., Kunshashov K.K., Yerzhanov G.K., Uakhitov R.U., Zhaltaev N.R. Almaty.

Also, according to the Cambridge University program, Umirzakov N.A. Astana passed advanced training.

The department currently employs 1 Candidate of Sciences, 8 masters, 9 senior teachers, 9 teachers.

Material and technical base

The department has a sports base:

  • Tennis court;
  • Gym for game sports;
  • Wrestling Hall;
  • Table tennis hall;
  • Gym;
  • Gym for game sports;
  • Table tennis gym;
  • Equipped halls for special medical group, shaping and athletic gymnastics;

Development prospects

It is planned to expand the material and technical base of the department:

Overhaul of the gym on Grishin St., Yeset-batyr St., Altynsarin St., Turgenev St.. Purchase of sports equipment and sports equipment.

Sections on sports and mass work

  1. Mini-football-Yerzhanov G. K
  2. Sambo, judo-Uakhitov R. U
  3. Kazakh-kures, belbeu kures-Kulmagambetov A. K.
  4. Volleyball (male) – Kunshashov K. K.
  5. Volleyball (Female) – Umirzakov N. A.
  6. Basketball (male)- Zhangereev Z. A.
  7. Basketball (Women)-Mukhtarov S. M.
  8. Chess-Mardenov K. Zh.
  9. Togyzkumalak-Kaidarov. A.
  10. Table tennis-Musa A. T
  11. Handball-Milyaev K. S.
  12. Presidential all-around
  13. Skiing-Tuleuov Sh. E.
  14. Kettlebell lifting, arm wrestling-Tazhigaliev A. T
  15. Athletics-Kulembayeva A. G.


Mukhtarov S.M. – P.N.K.,Associate Professor Head of the Department

Kulmagambetov A.K. – senior lecturer, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Musa A. T. – Senior lecturer

Mardenov K.Zh. – Senior lecturer. “NATIONAL JUDGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” in Table tennis

Umarov M.K. – senior lecturer

Utegaliev T. H. – teacher

Umirzakov N. A. – senior lecturer

Zhangereyev Z. А. – Senior lecturer, Master’s degree

Saitgaliev R. R. – senior lecturer

Yerzhanov G.K – teacher, Master’s degree

Zhaltaev N. R. – senior lecturer

Tazhigaliev A.T. – teacher, Master

Tuleuov Sh.E. – teacher

Uakhitov R. U. – Senior lecturer, Master’s degree

Kunshashev K. K. – senior lecturer

Zhanbau D. K. – teacher

Yerboluly Y. – teacher, Master

Baktygaliev A.S. – teacher, Master

Kulembayeva A.G. – teacher, Master

Milyayev K.S. – teacher, Master

From the history of the department