Student life

Student life

Achievements of students at republican olympiads, contests and sports competitions:

  • Republican subject Olympiad (5В010700 – Fine Art and Drawing) 3rd place (Kokshetau, 2016).
  • Republican subject Olympiad (5B012000 – Professional training) 2nd place (Shymkent, 2017).
  • III International Exhibition of the Eurasian Union of Designers (5В010700 Fine Art and Drawing) Diploma of I degree (Astana).
  • Ybyray Talat Bauyrzhanyuly, 23-26 November, 2017, 3rd place, kickboxing, Uralsk, 2017, October, 1st place, Russia, Medyn;
  • Tulembay Asylkhan Tilektyuly, 23-26 November, 2017, 1-st place, kickboxing, Uralsk, 2017, October, 1st place, Russia, Medyn;
  • Useinov Azamat Kozhabekovich, 2017, 1stplace, taekwondo, Russia, Moscow;
  • Kamsenov Aibek Borisluly, 15-24 September, 2017, 3rdplace, swimming, Ashgabat.
  • Tukeyeva G.E, 4-year student, “Forming the experience of technical creative activity among students using information technology”, diploma of the 2-nd degree. Supervisor: M. Kurgambekov, Docent. Start-up-2017, Suniyatova G., 3-year student, diploma of the I degree. Supervisor: Algartova G.M.
  • Start-up-2017, Algaliyev T., 3-year student, diploma of the I degree. Supervisor: Yessengulov Zh.K.
  • Start-up-2017, Myrzalina S., Akbissenova A., Yeleusizova E., Mukhanbetkali N., 4-year student, diploma of the III degree. Supervisors: Koblanov K.R., Kemalova K.B.
  • Start-up-2017, Izbastina A., 4-year student. Supervisor: Momenov B.M., Docent.

Educative work

In order to form a healthy moral and psychological climate, the faculty conducts  various educational activities.

Students of the faculty are regular participants of national, regional, municipal, university events.

Along with this, there is a close relationship with the city administration of education, city departments, public organizations.

a) the regional department of education, the regional department of culture, the management of the archive and documentation, the regional department of physical and sports, etc.

b) “Kazakh tili” society, “Қos Shynar” Aktobe City Public Foundation named after Aliya-Manshuk, the public fund “Kabak Baba”, etc.

c) the party “NurOtan”, the party “Akzhol”, etc.

With parents of students, a close relationship is established (holiday greetings, letters of gratitude, special invitations).