6В01401 – Musical education

Code – name of the major:

6В01401 – Musical education

Accreditation process (year of advancing, stage of advancing):

Based on the results of the audit of the non-commercial external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and rating” conducted in December 2017, it successfully passed specialized accreditation for  5 years

Education period:

Full time: 4 years, 3 years

Degree awarded:

Bachelor of Education in specialty 6В01401 – Musical education

Sphere of professional activity:


Objects of professional activity:

General educational institutions (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, etc.); musical and humanitarian colleges, children’s music schools, schools arts, studios and music groups of general educational institutions, preschool and out-of-school institutions of all types (accordingly obtained specialization); houses of culture and clubs

Subject of professional activity:

Discipline “Music”, extra-class musical and educational, organizational and propaganda work in general educational institutions (schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, etc.)

Kinds of professional activity:

  • educational: to conduct music lessons and out-of-class music lessons, to conduct pedagogical control over the musical development of schoolchildren;
  • experimental research: on a scientific basis, using modern information and educational technologies, to organize their pedagogical activity; once a year to monitor and control the level of musical development of students; to conduct a pedagogical experiment, questioning based on the set educational and educational tasks; to make presentations in the press or to the pedagogical community about the results of their pedagogical activity;
  • organizational and managerial: to carry out teaching and educational work in the process of teaching the subject of music; to organize extra-curricular educational musical work and musical circles on the interests of students; to conduct cultural and educational activities among children and youth in general educational institutions of various types;
  • productive-technological: to apply effective educational technologies at music lessons, to perform the functions of class teacher, organizer, educator, propagandist in music and art work with schoolchildren;
  • project: to design annual calendar and lesson plans on the subject “Music”, the immediate and long-term plans for the organization of out-of-class musical and artistic work with students taking into account socio-political, economic and cultural life of the republic, to design an annual individual plan for raising qualifications

Base of practice:

School-gymnasium № 21 in Aktobe, School Lyceum № 23 in Aktobe, School № 30 in Aktobe

Modular educational program