6В02102 – Design

Code, name of the specialty:

6В02102 – Design

Accreditation (last year, past year):

In October 2017 “and Accredited rating independent Agency” – commercial the establishment of External expert Commission check by the results of specialized got accredited for 5 years

Form of study, duration:

Day: 5 years, 3 years

Degrees given:

6В02102 – “Design” bachelor of arts majoring in

The field of professional activity:

6В02102 – “Design” specialty specialists with a basic knowledge of architecture statements, exhibits, internal representations, in industrial and household items, in absentia fine communications, advertising and design the execution of art works construction. At creative specialties, appropriate design is prepared for work in enterprises.

Objects of professional activity:

  • Architectural design: urban rural, Park ensembles, small architectural forms, the elements of landscaping and gardening, visual communications, space, exposure, urban in the environment of equipment and furniture, residential and imaretard the interior space of public, and public Beatty underground structures, the harness, the interior equipment and furniture, exhibition and shopping the composition, the interior and exterior monumental – decorative and applied elements decorative objects in the interior visually, compositeur.
  • Graphic design: graphic symbols, trademarks, trade styles, system of visual communications, illustrations, books design, packaging, advertising, social advertising, BUCK- for electronic and print advertising media in the United States, outdoor advertising, transit advertising.
  • Costume design: casual and modeling special clothes, ensembles of garments, accessories, textiles, theatrical costume is.

Subject of professional activity:

The specialty 5B042100 “Design” in the disciplines the following:

  • Design of architectural environment, interior. design, design lanshafty art design art;
  • Jarname design, printing design, language and culture graphics the reflection in the water, design art and photographica;
  • Fashion design, furniture design, technical design and decorative – applied art.

Types of professional activities:

6В02102– “Design” specialty the following types of professional activities bachelor performs:

  • design (a specialist designer under the direction of); of concepts, designs, layouts, new models of the ensemble, and Nelder surveying consists of the items;
  • managerial: professional computer the organization of project activities and programs consideration of management in the industry; competition and business entrepreneurial activity in the conditions of financial and forms, principles and strategies of research;
  • scientific and pedagogical: educational and working in groups.

Practical bases: