6B11102 – Cultural and leisure work

Cipher-the name of the specialty:

6B11102 – Cultural and leisure work

Completion of accreditation (last year, expired):

Form of training, terms:

Full-time: 4 years, 3 years

Degree awarded:

Bachelor of Cultural and Leisure work in OP 6B11102 – «Cultural and leisure work»

Field of professional activity:


Forms of professional activity:

  • Organization of cultural and leisure activities;
  • Club institutions, houses of culture, Houses of folk art;
  • Creative centers;
  • Extracurricular educational organizations;
  • Cultural and educational organizations;
  • Cultural and leisure institutions

Subject of professional activity:

  • cultural and leisure activities in the system of continuing and additional education;
  • organization and management of a creative team.

Practice bases:

  • House of Culture Geologist
  • Regional House of Folk Art.

Modular educational program